Impulses & Perspectives - The DIKT Expert Talk in Times of Crisis

William Shen - Why businesses in China & Europa are still facing enormous challenges due to Covid-19

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Chinese Manager William Shen is a Merger & Acquisition director at Core Industries in Munich. He talks in Impulses & Perspectives about the situation for businesses in China now after the first corona-wave. Has the economy in China already found its way back to a normal working rhythm? How has the Corona crisis changed the way companies work today in China? Are there indicators for an improvement in the economic situation? Will there be a change in the German-Chinese business relations after the Corona crisis? In what way the corona crisis has accelerated the development of the digital economy? How is the corona pandemic seen in China today? What is the situation for a manager in China right now? How are the relations between US and China? The German-Chinese business relations are one of the best.

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